Staff List

S.No. Name Designation Department Photos
1 Shri Janardan Prasad Head of the Department Electronics Engineering
2 Shri Ashish Singh Lecturer Electronics Engineering
3 Shri Avneesh Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
4 Shri Rohit Choudhary Lecturer Electrical Engineering
5 Smt. Anuradha Lecturer Physics (Applied Science)
6 Smt. Anubha Singh Lecturer Electrical Engineering
7 Smt. Pooja Garg Lecturer Mathematics (Applied Science)
8 Ms. Shivani Chauhan Lecturer Computer Engineering
9 Ms. Ruchika Barwal Lecturer Chemistry (Applied Science)
10 Smt. Taruna Lecturer Computer Engineering
11 Shri Shubham Raha Lecturer Electronics Engineering
12 Shri Dhruv Goel Lecturer Electronics Engineering
13 Shri Akash Tomar Lecturer Electronics Engineering
14 Shri Sandeep Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
15 Shri Ajay Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
16 Shri Kumud Burman Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
17 Shri Manoj Verma Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
18 Ms. Poonam Singh Lecturer Electrical Engineering
19 Shri Akash Kumar Lecturer Electrical Engineering
20 Shri Rahul Kumar Maurya Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
21 Shri Kapil Kumar Lecturer Electrical Engineering 
22 Shri Kusumveer Singh Workshop Instructor  
23 Shri Dushyant Saini Workshop Instructor  
24 Shri Naresh Kumar Workshop Instructor  
25 Shri Radhe Lal Workshop Instructor  
26 Shri Jaswant Singh Workshop Instructor  
27 Smt. Akanksha Nandan Senior Assistant  
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